Day 1:

I am in a strange country. With red hair.

Photo by David Rotimi via Unsplash

Lagosians should not come to Abuja. The general softness is jarring — like you are expecting the other shoe to drop. Where are the sweaty conductors? The traffic rush? Why are the roads so freaking wide? …

Photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

I’m terrified.

I don’t know what I intend to write in this piece. I do not know how the words will form. I just feel a yearning to tell someone of the hole in my chest–a deep, dark abyss of fear that has consumed me since last week.

It's coming…

I don’t think anyone else is thinking about the coronavirus like I am.

No medium, no prophet, no soothsayer prepared us for a calamity of this rate. Sure, the world has known hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunami’s in this digital age but nothing prepared us for a global shutdown. Shut up…

Femi couldn’t sleep.

His mane itched, so he scratched a bit and sighed.

“Wetin I go do now?”, he wondered. Parked by his side and purring peacefully, Jennifer turned in her sleep. She’d been out cold the last ten minutes, deeply ensconced in that sleep that typically follows earth-shattering orgasms.


Mind Traveler. Fascinated by Puns, Products and The Ultimate Futility of Existence.

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